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Care properties and residential properties

Care property

The asset class of social welfare property is a special niche. Over 10 years of know-how have been gathered in this area. All necessary elements for the development, realisation, administration and valuation of the locations are united under the one roof. Nursing homes, assisted living, daycare centres and medical centres are the focus here. In response to the need for 150,000 – 300,000 new nursing beds in the German market by 2030, the SGI Development GmbH has made it its goal to focus on both new construction and the purchase and refurbishment of existing buildings. The investor is able to invest in different projects at various phases of the project development and is thus able to participate in the nursing home asset class.

Residential property

Especially in overcrowded areas in Germany and Berlin, socially sustainable apartments are in demand. As a company located in Berlin, the SGI Development GmbH operates intensively in the field of affordable housing. Construction in the range of 40 to 100 rented apartments will be established here. Smaller residential projects will be sold as condominiums through in-house retail distribution. In the future, barrier-free living for older people, multi-generation concepts, residential group concepts and support in outpatient care will become increasingly important. Developing new forms of living and offering them economically on the market is a task that SGI Development GmbH has set itself.