Investment, projekt development and project property in one hand

The SGI Development GmbH is the German advancement of the project development strategy of SCHEVEN Global Investment GmbH from Austria / Durbin, and it is focused entirely on German real estate properties. Since 2010, the Austrian affiliated company has developed residential and nursing homes in Germany for retail distribution and global sales for institutional investors.

With the decision to intensify investments in project development activities on the German market, the SCHEVEN Global’s decision to integrate a German project development holding company was a logical consequence. The main focus of the SGI Development GmbH is the development and refurbishment of nursing homes nationwide and the construction of new affordable housing space, especially in Greater Berlin, Hamburg and Dresden.
The entire range of relevant services in the development of real estate, from property purchasing to the transfer of property to the owner, is guaranteed from one source through cooperation with SGI Care GmbH and Scheven Group GmbH. SCHEVEN Capital Solutions GmbH is able to provide own and borrowed capital.